What have we achieved so far?


In our rookie year, we won the "Rookie All Star Award", the biggest award we could ever win as a Rookie, and we got the right to compete at the World Championship. At the World Championship, we won the "Rookie Inspiration Award" and broke new ground for all Turkish teams and became the first Turkish team to receive an award at the World Championship. At San Diego Regional, where we participated in our first veteran year, we received the "Engineering Inspiration Award" and won a $ 5000 worth sponsorship from NASA. Therefore, we had the chance to go to the Championship that season.

2018 Iowa Regional

At the Iowa Regional, which we attended in the 2018 Power Up season, we have crowned all our past achievements and made our supporters proud by receiving the most prestigious awards of FRC, the “Chairman's Award” and the “Winner Alliance Award”. Thanks to our achievements at the Regional, we have once again participated in the World Championship, where we won the "Judges' Award" ending a season worthy of praise. We continued our work in the 2019 season as well and we received the "Engineering Inspiration Award" at Bayou Regional, which we attended. In addition, this award made us taste the joy of receiving sponsorship from NASA for the second time and allowed us to represent our country at the World Championship.

2016 Aloma Regional
2016 Carson Division
Rookie All Star Award
Rookie Inspiration Award
2017 San Diego Regional
2018 Iowa Regional
Engineering Inspiration Award
Chairman's Award     Dean's
Winner Alliance      List Award
2018 Hopper Division
Judges' Award
2019 Bayou Regional
Engineering Inspiration Award
Dean's List Finalist Award
2020 Istanbul Regional 
Chairman's Award
2020 Bosphorus Regional 
Innovation in Control Award
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