About Adroit Androids ...

We are an international robotics team founded in 2015 under the name Adroit Androids. Every year, we regularly participate in FRC (First Robotics Competition) organized by FIRST, a non-profit American foundation. In this competition, participating teams are evaluated in two parts: Business and Robot. While the business part is responsible for project production and finding sponsors during the season, the robot part is responsible for designing a robot that performs certain tasks in accordance with the theme of that season.

So where are we in this concept as Adroit Androids? We have made ourselves, our school, our sponsors and our country proud with the achievements we have achieved so far. For detailed information about the awards we received, you can check the "Our Achievements" section. As a team, we develop projects in the light of our motto of "Together to achieve more", we want to bring the society together without leaving any creative mind behind and remind everyone the forgotten values day by day.

Our Vision

As Adroit Androids, we envision a future in which human culture is shifting into a field full of science, technology and reasoning. And to achieve this, we aim to spread STEM and FIRST values all over our country and eventually to the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to start a modern industrial revolution in our country. We aim to create well-equipped future generations by emphasizing teamwork and values in collaboration with STEM-centered students, mentors and individuals who make up the society.

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